Easter Egg Hunts

April 18, 2019


 - This is a paid partnership with Cadburys, sharing our Easter Egg Hunt tips and ideas -


With Easter approaching, I’ve teamed up with Cadbury to share with you my favourite Easter Egg Hunt family traditions. Really excitingly, Cadbury have a great Easter Egg Hunt Pack which contains everything you need to put on a great Easter Egg Hunt so we wanted to make you all aware of this too! Easter is a real family ritual for us – a chance where we can all get together and create wonderful memories with our children.


We’ll typically host a few egg hunts in the run up to Easter and include Easter treats on the hunt that the whole family can share.


I’ve grown to really love this tradition at Easter, especially as Easter egg hunts also get the kids running around outside. We also love being really creative when it comes to finding the Easter treats and include problem solving clues for the kids to work out.


Here are a few ideas that we have found useful when planning a good Easter egg hunt, from quick and simple activities, to turning it into a nice long activity for the family. 



If you don’t want to complicate things and don’t have much time to set up an extravagant hunt, here are a few age tips for a simple Easter egg hunt: 


  • 3- 4 years old- We keep it really simple – we place nice colourfully wrapped chocolate treats on the ground – these are often near a flower, tree trunk or pot – something easy for them to spot

  • 5-7 years old- We’ve found that hiding the treats fairly well, but having an easy to see clue nearby works well, maybe a sticker or a little Easter chick. Then they have to search hard, but the treat is within a couple of meters of each clue.

  • 8 years old plus- We try and drag things out a little with this age, hiding the prizes well, but obviously they will get frustrated if it’s impossible to find – so we often have a theme like ‘looking under things’ or ‘off the ground’ for if you have plenty of trees to use and can balance the treats on branches etc.



You can have different rounds for the different aged children or colour code the treats for the different ages, so the older ones aren’t taking all the easy to find treats. We have also used the colour coding idea to keep it fair and make sure each person finds the same amount of treats – this is also a good way to make sure they are only finding an appropriate amount of chocolate per child! 

What we tend to do now though is have them work as a team to find all the eggs and then they enjoy another little game at the end working out how to fairly split all the prizes. 

Keep a rough count of where you hid your prizes too, it is so easy to forget and manage to leave a few behind.



Have a weather back up plan - Don’t worry if its horrible outside, inside the house can often provide many more hiding places and you can use a different number of rooms according to how hard you want to make the hunt, for different aged children.



Extend your egg hunt with a few clues that lead to each prize. Brilliant with older children, they really enjoy earning each prize and have fun solving clues along the way. Simple riddles work well to describe the item the prize is under for example, the item’s colour or its use are easy examples. 

Another option is to have a clue or letter hidden with each prize that leads to a star prize at the end, the letters can form an anagram that they have to work out at the end, too!




Now our boys are getting older, we love to allow them to get creative. Obviously we create one for them and don’t completely leave them to their own devices but for the last couple of years as an extra activity they have been able to create their own Easter Egg hunt. They will spend ages creating clues and writing them out ready to hide. This can work perfectly for older ones creating a game for younger siblings. We let them create a round each for their brothers to take part in and this year they have invited friends over and created a clue hunt for them which I’d say has been their favourite of all.







I’d love to hear about some of your Easter egg hunt traditions, comment on my Instagram post and share your ideas for others to enjoy.


Thanks for reading 

x Faye



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