Our Trial with Garmin VivoFit 2 Junior #ad

December 21, 2018

Many of our reasons for wanting to move to Cornwall were definitely about living the outdoor life. We wanted more time together, to take health seriously plus the boys love being outside. 


When Garman UK contacted me asking whether we wanted to trial their vivofit jr. 2 activity tracker for kids I thought it was a perfect idea for making our activities even more enjoyable for the boys.  We find the same thing every single time we go anywhere.... the boys have such a fantastic time eventually but getting them excited to get out the house it’s always a challenge and with five it’s extremely difficult at times.


I thought technology like this could help in that situation but I didn’t think it would be quite as good as it has turned out.


The vivofit jr. 2 is a watch and stepometer as well as tracking lots of other activities such as sleep and active minutes. The watch links up to a really easy to use app which also logs many other activities throughout the day. Me and Matt set chores from brushing teeth to tidying their bedroom and the boys tick off their chores to earn coins and the app logs a record of their achievements which we then turn into prizes.





From day one the boys absolutely loved the watches. They were stepping up and down the stairs, running around the house seeing who could get the biggest step count for that day. It was fun watching them running around the house but eventually me and Matt decided to let them know about jogging on the spot, which they were extremely glad to learn about after a big duh moment.


Since using the vivofit jr. 2 our family fitness has  become a core subject with the boys homeschooling, and the boys are now getting me out the door as apposed to the old way of me struggling for half an hour before every trip.




Matt and I use the vivosport model and linking up with the boys activities as a family has been really fun, we all compete and i think that is really the boys favourite part.


Even in the winter getting out has been much easier but i am looking forward to spending even more time outside together when the nights start to get a little lighter.



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