Our New Life in Cornwall

September 27, 2018

Lately I feel like my blog has been taken over by our life plans. It has been a bit of a roller coaster year. We set out on a path and i wasn’t quite sure where it was headed. But thats the thing about life, plans change and you have to adjust along the way.


We are settling into our life in Cornwall and i pinch myself everyday that we actually live here. It's beauty amazes me and there is no where else i’d rather be.




We are currently renting in the area we love and want to buy, we have also viewed every school within reach after home schooling for a year while travelling, we knew once we had settled again we would put the boys back into school.


After each school visit my heart kind of sank, i don’t know why, i just couldn’t picture my boys in any of them. Some were more favourable than others, but it just didn’t feel right.


I have made the huge decision to continue home educating all three. This actually feels like a much bigger decision than taking them out a year ago, as this is me putting their education in my hands permanently, in the hope that i am raising them to succeed in life.




I am definitely not taking it lightly, i have thought long and hard about the decision, the pros and the cons have been circling my mind for the past few weeks. It is all i have thought about, am i doing the right thing? Who knows, does anyone really know whether the choices they make for their children are the right ones. 


With this huge step in mind, Matt and I have discussed our options and decided that i will take a pay cut and step down from our mortgage business. Matt will carry on as usual but i need more time for planning and executing the boys lessons. 


The boys are really excited and in a way, it has been just as much their decision. They will be attending various clubs as one of the main factors for me wanting them to go to school was to form friendship groups. 


I am nervous and excited and hoping that reducing my workload will make me less tired and give me a lot more time to fulfil all i want for them. 


Thanks so much for following our journey, i love sharing life with all you amazing mummies.





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