Our Day at BeWILDerWood

August 29, 2018

We were sent out for a day with WaterWipes, they wanted to challenge me to see the kids get messy and test how well a packet of WaterWipes could handle the job. We chose BeWILDerwood near Norwich as i've heard good things and we've never been before.

The park is based on a set of childrens books which we didn't know before going. If i were to do it again i would definitely read the books with the kids first, we had a great time, i imagine this would really add to the magic of the day even more.


BeWILDerwood is like a theme park but instead of rides there are slides and zips wires, climbing frames, mazes, den building, crafts, story telling and a boat that takes you on the stream that runs through the woods spotting little character settlements with a guide telling you stories based on the books. Hunter found it completely magical and loved seeing if he could spot faries along the way. I would say Bewilderwood was perfect for the twins and Hunters ages as they fell in love with the mythical and enchanting theme of the place. Our elder two 8 and 10 loved the zip wires, den building but felt the theme was possibly a little young for them. Price wise its much better than most theme parks, £16.50 with a £2 discount for Hunters height and below which at first made me wonder if there was things our big two would be able to get on that he couldn't but that wasn't the case much to our relief. 



Packing for a day out

People are often surprised by how little we take out with us and this trip wasn't any different. We had (thrown under the pram) 4 nappies, WaterWipes and we are good to go. We tend to buy food when we are out and luckily the food wasn't extortionate as it can but very reasonably priced. 


How did WaterWipes do?

We have actually used WaterWipes since we had the twins. They were the staple of my hospital bag and with 97% of midwives recommending them for a babies soft delicate skin and the only wipes that contain 99.9% water with just a drop of fruit extract we knew they were the only ones we wanted on their tiny bums. More than that, they have been a staple for us as Judah has been allergic to all other wipes. Im not entirely sure which ingredients make him come out in a eczema type rash but we could only ever use water to get him washed up until we discovered WaterWipes, i researched the problem and discovered that WaterWipes are the only baby wipe to ever be approved by Allergy UK and The National Eczema Association of America, but it wasn't until trying them that i could really tell that they are very different from all others. The are a little wetter than most other wipe brands so really get the dirt off without using loads of them, which definitely stand the test of our five wild messy boys. WaterWipes are definitely a must have on a day out for us. We can forget most things, but not the WaterWipes. I would also say this is true of everyday once you have had children, wipes become the must have item that i think i will be buying long after the kids have left home. 


Our top tips for a day out

1) Brightly coloured matching tops for easy visibility, the children often go off into a climbing frame or other busy area and it can be hard to spot them.

2) Don't over pack, throw a few things in a bag. don't over think, whats the worst that could happen. 

3) We always plan driving with the twins nap times.

4) Our favourite car games are, a) ABC, everyone has to think of something within a theme (films/animals) for each letter of the alphabet. b) Guess how many vehicles pass until you see a certain colour, everyone has their guess and the closest wins.

5) Baby carriers rather than pushchairs really help with going off road.

6) Don't rush, we've sometimes felt like we have to see everything but end up just stressed and rushing the kids rather than them enjoying what they were doing. 






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