The journey so far...

March 24, 2018


It has only been a few weeks since we left the UK. It might seem a bit soon to be writing a blog on how we are getting on but it has been 2 months now since we sold our home and have been 'on the road' .




A lot has changed, developed in that time and I thought I would share how we are feeling and especially how the boys are finding it and adjusting to a completely new lifestyle. 


We have learnt so much, about ourselves and the boys. We have learnt not to anger Hunter if he is tired or hungry as emotions seem to be far more highlighted on the road. The twins have adjusted the best, they sleep anywhere, seem happier having different environments to explore and are enjoying the adventures from their carriers.



Ralph likes the holiday resort vibes and gets excited if we are staying in a hotel. He keeps asking if we are going to Florida to visit Disneyworld haha. I didn't have any concerns for Ralph as I knew he adjusts well, loves new experiences and makes friends easily. School was hard for him in the classroom due to his dyslexia, so he felt like it was a constant battle. 


Judah was the one I was most concerned about as he loved school and routine .He finds it difficult to make new friends as he is quite shy, he likes his own space, his Lego was always set up in his room just the way he liked it. He is a high achiever and always had glowing school reports all the time. 


When your children are all so different, it is hard to make decisions that are perfect for everyone. Ralph is doing great, I think Judah sometimes misses routine but he is a real adventurer, so is enjoying that aspect of travel. Then Hunter, well he has taken it the worst, which has surprised me. He doesn't seem to mind leaving anywhere or ask to stay but he is a lot harder to manage since being away. After a really tough travel day yesterday, he asked to go home. 


It hit me hard and I really want to do the best thing for the boys. Today Matt had the twins and I played on the beach and in the sea with the older boys, Hunter told me it was the best day of his life and he wanted to stay there forever. 







It seems that there has been real highs and lows, the highs are incredible but the lows are pretty intense too, I wouldn't say we have had much in between.


Matt's work has also evolved throughout the weeks we have been abroad, some of you know he has an Instagram page '@ask_mortgage_matt' and that he is a mortgage broker. We run this business together. We cannot operate the business abroad as we first expected, clients would have to be passed on to another broker in the UK immediately rather than Matt being able to help with the support in the UK. He isn't happy with such an arrangement as people like to deal with him personally. He is keeping the Instagram page as this enables him to stay in touch with clients and answer questions even though he can't transact business.


Therefore we have made the huge decision to start a new company which we will reveal more about in the coming weeks. We decided early on that we wanted to keep working throughout this journey, mainly because we don't want to use funds from our home and selling our other business as we want to be sure we have enough to buy a home when we return to the UK.


Another big decision we have made is to buy a property in Cornwall as a base, somewhere we can rent out but also use ourselves between trips. We believe this will give Hunter the stability he needs, having somewhere to keep his things and which feels like home.


We are still continuing our travels for the year ahead, I know I have talked about the low points but the highs have far outweighed them and we are spending a large amount of quality time with the boys, which was always the intension. We are discovering new places together and making lasting memories.


I know many have asked about the boys education among other things, so I am hoping to blog once a week, answering as many as I can.


Thank you so much for all your support and kind words, we really appreciate it.




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