We've sold, so what next...

December 26, 2017

It was months ago when i wrote my first blog post, i explained that we had taken the boys out of school to spend more time together, and since then it feels like i haven't been able to say much else.


Well, now the house is finally sold it feels good to be able to share our plans. We should be completing towards the end of January and then we'll be taking all the boys and travelling the world for some time.


As well as the house, we have also sold all our belongings, the older boys will be keeping one box each with their favourite toys at Grandmas, but apart from that everything has either gone or going soon, the car, furniture, clothes, everything. That has been surprising liberating, i've always been quite minimalist anyway but its taken things to a new level and i really like the cleared headspace of getting rid of clutter.


It has been a long road to get to this point, we thought the house would sell a lot faster but it has given us time to plan, which has been invaluable. We took the two older boys out of school in the summer and we've been home educating in preparation for travelling. Though it has taken longer than expected, its been amazing having them all at home, the boys have loved getting more time to be with each other.


I thought the boys would find it hard, parting with their toys but to my surprise they haven't found it difficult at all. They are so excited to travel that they have just been really eager to gather the bits they'll be taking with them.


I often get asked the question, do i worry about the boys being out of school, will they one day resent not going through primary school and having a normal life. Everyday i question my decisions for the boys and wonder if i'm doing the right thing but what Mum doesn't. We all want the best for our children and hope we are making the right choices for them and the entire family. Matt and i have questioned it so much, we have come to the conclusion that for us as a family, it works and we are all so excited to embark on this new adventure together. 


We run a mortgage business together so we have had to adjust heavily and bring in the right team to be based here in the UK as we will carry on working, we love speaking with our clients and wouldn't want that to change. It won't be a huge adjustment for us anyway as we've always been a phone based business with clients all over the country rather than local face to face.


We will be starting in Sweden and make our way south through Europe. We have a good list of where we want to visit but want to keep a fluid agenda, we'd like the boys education to centre around the travelling so they will be researching and to a degree deciding on the order in which we visit each place. They'll be learning about the costs involved and how to map the best route to stretch the budget. We will have the next two to three destinations planned and then it will be up to them to plan each bit in advance. 


Judah wants to see Penguins and the Eiffel Tower, Ralph wants to head straight for Florida and Hunter is desperate to see Koalas in Australia. We will be adding a travel section to this blog and the boys will detail their full bucket lists and we'll post updates and videos as we go. We are all extremely excited as its getting so close now. 


Naturally Matt and I are both extremely laid back, i think this will help on the road. Travelling certainly won't be easy, especially with the twins but we'll make it work and they do love new environments and exploring new places. 


If anyone has any suggestions on great places for families we'd love to hear them, we have our ideas but its very much an open agenda. We will also document our journey on Youtube and put together our take on the best places for kids in each location. 


Thank you for all the support you give me, i love interacting with everyone on Instagram and hope you'll join us on the adventure.

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