Our Vegan Journey

October 19, 2017

It has only been three months but we have changed our eating drastically.

It started with Ralph, our eldest challenging us all to a week of healthy eating and fitness. The boys are currently being home educated so they choose a topic and we will incorporate it into our daily life and all get involved.

Three days in and a friend of mine came over, she has been vegan for a while. She shared some shocking stories about the typical life of the animals we eat. I was shocked at my ignorance and saddened that I really had no idea about where are food actually came from. That started us on a journey of research and discovery.


We thought it would be a difficult transition, especially for the kids but they seem to be surprisingly on board. Ralph has always been our fussiest eater, he would never eat at parties... which Matt was always embarrassed about. However it was Ralph's initial idea, maybe that's what made him try all the new meals but in just over a week he had put on a stone, which we were all so happy about, especially Ralph. 

Judah has always been a good eater and enjoys most meals so he was pretty easy and after doing the research, decided he wanted a plant-based diet too.

Hunter has been a little trickier, but we are finding our way. He is finding things he likes and trying many new tastes which we are so proud of him for. We let him go at his own pace and never make him eat anything. He will often not eat parts of the meal but there is usually an element that he will enjoy and we will add in a substitute. 

One thing we are really enjoying, is all sitting together at meal times, this was always a goal we never managed to achieve before, I guess it is down to preparing meals from scratch, the kids often get involved but this has been a big time commitment, though really worth it in our mind. 



We embarked on our journey just as the twins started weaning and they have been by far the easiest compared to the older three. They can eat everything we are eating as we decided to really go for it with no processed foods and a plant-based diet, opting to make our own bread and all our own meals. The twins really love their food and we haven't offered them anything yet that they don't like, a complete transformation from weaning the others.

At the beginning it was all-consuming and took a lot of our time, three months in and we have definitely found our feet and foods we love. We definitely have family favourites and we are so much faster at preparing our meals now. 

It has cost us more as we will try and buy mostly organic. We spend around £200 a week but then we don't eat out as much or buy snacks so we feel it balances out overall. 



When the boys go to friends houses we have told them that they can eat whatever they like. I don't want them to ever feel awkward, we eat this way at home but when they are out I don't mind either way what they choose.

We are still in our early days but I get so many questions about how we are getting on. We are enjoying food more than ever and I really haven't missed anything. I used to eat a large chocolate bar every day but i don't miss it at all. I feel healthier and although I'm not getting much sleep with feeding the twins through the night I have more energy than I did before, we are definitely converted.

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