Twin Birth Story

September 20, 2017


I had contractions for months before i was due with the twins. Sometimes so painful that i thought their arrival was immanent. Everyone told me to be prepared for an early arrival so you can imagine my surprise when 38 weeks came and went, the buzz word from the doctors soon became ‘induction’. 


I have three older boys and they all came without intervention, pretty much at the 40 week mark, so in my mind i thought i would hold off and wait until then. Instagram helped me so much during this period, listening to other peoples stories, asking questions and receiving overwhelming support really got me through. I would express my fears and receive so many encouraging and and helpful replies, my mind was soon put at rest each time.


In the end, after many talks with various Doctors at the hospital, they managed to convince my husband and i that twins were better off out than in, so we went ahead with the induction. The morning came round fast, my bags were ready and packed. My parents arrived to have the older boys and it all felt a little surreal. Hunter, my youngest was 3 at the time, he gave me a huge kiss and a hug as i left, i got into the car and completely fell apart. I was confused… Confused as to whether i was doing the right thing, i felt lost, it was so difficult leaving Hunter not knowing how long i would be and that everything from that point would change forever.


I arrived at the hospital feeling pretty emotional. I was assessed and found to be 1cm dilated and favourable to have my waters broken or have an induction. As they were busy they opted for an induction and a few hours later I was given a pessary to start the process. Naively i thought this is it and after all the months of contractions id be in active labour soon after. Hours later, after many laps of the hospital grounds, nothing! Fear began to set in a little. If this didn’t work i was likely to be given a c section, they couldn't induce me and just leave it because of the risks of infection , so i did all i could, i didn’t stop! I was either on a birthing ball or doing laps of the grounds. Matt could see i was getting disheartened so went home and got the boys to distract me. Finally that evening i started to have contractions, they were mild but regular. The contractions were 5 minuets apart but still mild, the midwives didn’t want to examine me due to the risk of infection so just monitored the babies and the contractions. Then the words every labouring mummy wants to hear! Labour ward is quiet so we are taking you up! Yes, I had been promoted. I don’t know what it is about leaving a ward of pregnant women and moving onto labour ward that makes you feel slightly smug but it definitely feels like your winning! You have a room to yourself, you get the best beds and its so much bigger. The best bit is that the little baby cots are in your room so it all begins to feel real, in my room there was two which just seemed so crazy that we would be having two little bundles. I was told to get some rest and if nothing developed over night they would be back to break my waters at 6am. Seriously though, who can rest, i was up all night, mild contractions and excited i’d made it off the ward downstairs. At 


8am a midwife came in to explain that they were busy and that i wouldn’t be having my waters broken but would likely be moved back downstairs. Another labouring twin mum had beat me to it, and as she was asking for pain relief she was going to be kept on labour ward in favour of me! I felt completely disillusioned and exhausted. 


Matt got me up, and we started to lap the hospitals grounds again. I got back to my room had a shower and Matt picked up Hunter to cheer me up, and his little face really did the job. The Midwife came back in at 2pm and we were back on. The expectant twin mum wasn’t as far as they thought and they were going to break my waters after doings observations. Matt rushed Hunter home and raced back to find me in tears. While he was gone the head midwife was trying to tell me that i had to have an epidural, something i really didn’t want. Matt then had to be my advocate and and help me be strong enough to turn her down. I was then examined and had my waters broken. They went with a huge gush of warm water. It was very uncomfortable and then when i stood up they constantly leaked every time i moved. The contractions were instantly more intense. The midwife on at the time was very chatty and after 3 nights without sleep she was starting to get on my nerves, i think Matt could tell so he would answer her questions for me which helped. Luckily for me there was a staff change over, i was so relieved. While they were changing staff, my contractions grew longer with greater intensity. A group of staff entered the room and introduced themselves, the consultant in particular was so positive that i think if i had been allocated someone else, it could have been a very different outcome. He told the staff not to intervene and that i was doing a great job on my own. I felt so encouraged, his comments really empowered me and i found that so reassuring. The contractions became a lot more intense, and I breathed deeply through each one. In between them i would drift off with my eyes closed. I think thats when Matt realised what was happening, he stopped responding to the midwives small talk so the room was quiet. He also made the room darker, i felt so much more relaxed and felt like i could concentrate on riding the waves of each contraction. 


I was sat on a birthing stool, infront of the monitors as they were strapped around my waist to pick up Jaspers heart beat and i had a clip on Freddies head so they could monitor him too. The contractions were getting so intense, after one ended another one started, 2 hours from having my waters broken i found myself standing up and pushing Freddie out. The student doctor was the only one in the room and called to Matt to pull the emergency cord for help as she had to stand and catch Freddie behind me as i lent over the bed. Freddie arrived and the room was soon filled with doctors, midwives and pediatricians. I was helped onto the bed and they took Freddie while they checked the position of Jasper on the monitor. To my relief and everyones surprise Jasper had turned from being on his side to head down. There was some discussions between the staff as to what i’d be better doing but the doctor said i was fine to do as i pleased and this was now like a normal birth of a single pregnancy. They handed me Freddie who looked so tiny to me and within moments the contractions returned with the same level of intensity. I handed Freddie to Matt and stood up off the bed lent over the birthing stool and Jasper made his way into the world. I was helped back onto the bed and the adrenaline that had kept me going must have finally given way to exhaustion. Both Freddie and Jasper were taken by the paediatricians to be checked. It felt like forever before i had them both in my arms but when they placed both of them on me for the first time together i felt an overwhelming sense of peace that we had all made it safe together, we were incredibly blessed. 




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