Making Plans: Saying Goodbye to School

August 15, 2017



If I’m completely honest I’ve always been quite narrow minded and often thought of parents who home educate as eccentric or maybe even a little peculiar, not that i had ever met any. The idea of not sending my first to school when he came of age never crossed my mind. I was eager for this momentous milestone, for him to go to school and experience everything it had to offer. Especially knowing he was a sociable character and would likely thrive having all the opportunities to meet new friends.


I was also keen, with him being my first to experience that first parents evening, to hear them tell me how wonderful and brilliant he was. After all i was his mum, and what mother doesn't think they will be told that.




Fast forward 4 years and i am now the mother of five boys. FIVE , i know! I didn’t plan on a big family. We had twins 6 months ago and they were a huge surprise, but really are the biggest blessing . There is nothing more magical than seeing them together, from the first moments watching them touch to now watching them laugh with a look of pure joy when they catch each others eye. The birth of them changed me in so many ways, i am forever grateful that they came into our lives. It completely rocked our world and within a few months we knew that life couldn’t continue the way it always had. 

My husband and I have two companies which take up a lot of our time. One, an outdoor laser tag company which we set up when we first got together 13 years ago. The other is our mortgage business which we work on together. One evening after the boys were in bed, Matt came down to the kitchen where i was feeding the babies, i was close to tears. I started to relay mine and Judah's chat earlier in the day. Judah is my 7 year old and he had been telling me earlier on in the day that he missed me. He told me that i was always feeding the twins when i used to read him his bedtime stories and that now daddy does and nothing is the same. Ralph, not as upset, he’s my 9 year old told me that he really loves the twins but when did i think i would be able to have some time alone with him? My heart sank. 

Twins take so much, in the early days it was constant. I had been so conscious that Hunter, my 3 year olds world had been turned upside down by the twins arrival that i had over looked that Ralph and Judah's had too. Matt asked what i wanted to do about it , like any man does. How can we fix it , problem solve and just find a solution. Usually i just want to vent but this time i really was looking for a solution. 



We decided to sell the laser tag company, which has just gone through. We also decided to employ someone to take on the administration side of the mortgage company freeing us both up to concentrate on the personal side of the business which we both really enjoy. The big one was that we decided to sell our house to minimise what we spend with the view to take the boys out of school for the year. We want to travel as much as we can and experience as much as we can making memories together daily while the boys are still young. Our house is currently on the market we haven’t made all our plans yet but we have taken the boys out of school. We are both running the mortgage company from home so we have time to work on the business and be with the boys. Although this is just the start of our journey i couldn’t be more excited about the adventure ahead.






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