My Favourite Products

Over the past 10 years i have tried so many different baby and toddler items and i get asked about the different bits i use all the time. This page is here to show the products i have been most impressed with.


I do find this a hard topic to discuss as i have found that every child is so individual and different products and brands have worked better for some than others. Therefore if a product has a place on this page its because i have been overly impressed or it has been brilliant with a few of my children. That is also the reason why there won't be products from every category but i will try and talk about pro's and con's of various items i have tried. If you want to see a certain item on here, let me know and i'll try and include more as soon as i can.


I'm often asked to test items too and i get to talk to manufacturers, if i have been able to obtain a discount code, you'll find those products at the top of the page, do reach out with any questions, its hard to put everything into a short description


x Faye 

Tula Baby Carriers

This has to be the item i get most excited about. Matt and I have always been terrible with carriers, we gave up on the concept after trying different types with the first 3 boys. Our backs alway began to ache after no time.

These carriers somehow seem to transfer the weight to the hips and with having the twins, they have completely changed our lives. 

We even bought the toddler version so Matt can have Hunter on his back and Freddie on his front at the same time. He does feel the weight with Hunter but can manage both for shorter walks.

This link with the code Motheroffive2019 will get a 10% discount, valid until 31/12/19

Vivobarefoot Shoes

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know i love the concept behind these shoes and they are pretty much all we wear as a family, apart from Hunter who literally is barefoot most of the time.

For more on the company's ethos -

Here is a 15% discount code MOTHERVIVO15 if you too love these shoes 


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