We heard good things about Kidzania London so we thought we'd go and check it out for ourselves.


Based at the Westfield Shopping Centre, West London Kidzania is a city experience for children allowing them to have a go at life on their own. 

They are given 50 Kidzos (local currency) upon entry and they can add to their funds by doing each occupation they want to try. Some occupations earn you money and some you have to pay for (as if training, but really based on queue control, pay for the most popular jobs)


Once a child has at least 75 kidzos, they can open a bank account and receive a debit card rather than handling their cash. Our 7&8yr olds loved this part, where our 4yr old just wanted to pay and do the fun jobs.

Our children became immersed in the experience and absolutely loved it, you can keep your Kidzos and add to them with return visits, even using them to buy real items in the gift shop if you can earn enough.

Comparable to a day at a theme park, i'd say its well worth the price and also very educational.

If we can answer any questions for you, please leave a comment under the video in youtube.

Thanks for watching.

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